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Flash Hentai RPG -> Sex Realm

2011-06-06 20:44:56 by Hnyarly

Hi guys...

I'm trying to create a Hentai RPG game using Flash.

My idea is to create a Hentai RPG game, but somethig more than just small squared sprites moving, with some hentai CG image for H-events. I think it's more interesting that the sex events would be in the main action of the game.

So, I was looking for a combination of "Hi No Tetsu No Buresu" with "Legend of Krystal".

You can play the Beta here:


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2011-06-06 21:04:41

Great idea! I played your BETA version. Keep working on it! I'll wait. :D

Hnyarly responds:



2011-06-06 23:11:45

Its good so far but there are some bugs yo need to get rid of, otherwise its great. can't wait for the sex part!


2011-06-19 10:18:50

Hot teen masturbating on cam.

Download here: http://cashload.org/5fcdf00e

She starts crying at the end.


2011-08-09 13:58:53

Great game and great idea but yeah bug I noticed is that if rat follows you into the cave it will stay there and respawn no matter how many times you kill it, it'll respawn in cave, which isn't good if the cave is supposed to be a 'safe place'. Keep up the good work!