Updated to v0.31

2011-07-02 07:54:10 by Hnyarly

Finally I added some sex events to the game (and a couple of surprises). Don't expect the H-events to be some kind of harcore sex because Beth starts the game with a low "Sluttyness" value.
Hope you like it.


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2011-07-03 05:01:00

where are those sexual events?
still can't find them... :(


2011-07-04 07:43:18

found twice of them! muy bonito! ;)

how about some lesbian action in the future?

Hnyarly responds:

Make sure I'll do.


2011-07-18 18:20:15

You got any new updates for us, brah?

Hnyarly responds:

I'm working on it... xD
I've done 2 new enemies and a new zone, but I want to finish a couple of things before upload the new version.


2011-07-22 18:50:59

would it be possible to make the NPCs give u hints on where to go next?
love the game so far, think it is better then legend of krystal :)

Hnyarly responds:

I'll add a lot of more H stuff. That stuff will be much easier to find. My idea is to do it like most of H games: 90 of H-events are easy to find, and the other 10% are very difficult, so you'll have to find guides... etc.
So, I'll surely add hints, but they won't be necessary for most H-events.


2011-07-24 13:39:59

This must not be the newest version. I don't see the new slime enemy and no sexual events either :( I do like the game and appreciate the hard work you've obviously put into it. Keep up the good work

Hnyarly responds:

Thanks a lot. You can check the newest version at my blog. And I promise a bigger update in a few days.

About the H-events in the NG version (as in the current one), they aren't easy to find.


2011-07-26 23:54:00

Wow this game is great. As far as I'm concerned your game beats LoK any day. I cant wait for your next update! Keep up the amazing work.

Hnyarly responds:

I don't think my game will never beat LoK. I mean, just look all the work inspired by Playshapes. And looking what he's preparing for the next update of MiM, it'll be definitelly awesome.


2011-08-23 21:59:30

love ur game and hope everything is going well just wanted to ask if ur on any other site or just this found ur game on funnygames just wondering if ur els where with more info on how its all comin together

Hnyarly responds:

If you want to follow the my game's development closer, you should check my blog: