Entry #5

v0.37 Soon on NG!

2011-08-24 20:54:38 by Hnyarly

I've just uploaded v0.37 to my blog. In a few days, when I had fixed the bugs, I'll upload it to NG.

EDIT: It seems I'm having problems to upload the new version to NG. :S
EDIT: Finally, v0.375 uploaded to NG. Enjoy it! :)


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2011-10-23 19:13:20

will it take much longer for you to create the new version?

Hnyarly responds:

Maybe 2 or 3 months... :s


2011-10-24 18:02:45

dang thats gunna be a while, well keep up the good work i'm really looking forward to the full version :)


2012-03-16 13:16:57

how about capcom all stars fans like resident evil,dead rising,left4dead,finalyfantasy,streetfighter,d eadoralive for the dating sims and rpg


2013-10-21 11:37:25

hi ya i love yr game a question when will come out in ng well it has even more than a while and when u upload it tell us how we get to the old man house ok? thx !