v0.37 Soon on NG!

2011-08-24 20:54:38 by Hnyarly

I've just uploaded v0.37 to my blog. In a few days, when I had fixed the bugs, I'll upload it to NG.

EDIT: It seems I'm having problems to upload the new version to NG. :S
EDIT: Finally, v0.375 uploaded to NG. Enjoy it! :)

Updated to v0.31

2011-07-02 07:54:10 by Hnyarly

Finally I added some sex events to the game (and a couple of surprises). Don't expect the H-events to be some kind of harcore sex because Beth starts the game with a low "Sluttyness" value.
Hope you like it.

Game updated to v0.2

2011-06-23 21:22:19 by Hnyarly

I just added Intro and a couple of small changes (faster vertical movement... etc).
I hope you like the story. I'd like to read your opinions and critics.

Thanks guys

2011-06-07 05:42:04 by Hnyarly

Thanks for all those lot of feedback I've recieved. The conclusion I get is that I mainly need to focus on gameplay, and so I'm gonna do.

Thanks you all. I hope your advises make my game better.

Flash Hentai RPG -> Sex Realm

2011-06-06 20:44:56 by Hnyarly

Hi guys...

I'm trying to create a Hentai RPG game using Flash.

My idea is to create a Hentai RPG game, but somethig more than just small squared sprites moving, with some hentai CG image for H-events. I think it's more interesting that the sex events would be in the main action of the game.

So, I was looking for a combination of "Hi No Tetsu No Buresu" with "Legend of Krystal".

You can play the Beta here: